Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Traveling with us is Azhar, our travel agent from Kashmir. He makes all our travel run smoothly. At every city he oversees our day trips, arranges rides, and books our hotel rooms. His other jobs are to be our translator, souvenir consultant, water boy, and generally to keep us out of trouble. He is very patient as he tries to meet the needs of sixteen helpless Americans traveling in India. He does his job with quiet dignity and grace. He is learning how to have an American sense of humor.
One day he announced that we would need our passports at the next stop. I couldn't find mine but he know full well that I had left it behind at the hotel and now we were on to the next city. He graciously made all the arrangements to have it forwarded to our next destination. (Without my passport I would have been grounded!).
Azhar made life very easy and I appreciate all that he did for us. We do a lot of teasing but he is a true gentleman who has made our travel interesting and stress free. We are very thankful to have him with us. We wish him well for his upcoming marriage in the fall.

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